Monday, July 21, 2014

Don't stop, never give up!

I guess it must be a new chapter.

So much to say but I shall not mention it here. I wish life was more simple than I thought it could be. The fairy tales that I have read never exist, but for me, the best fairy tale might be knowing someone, loving someone and spend their life together. Sounds simple? Too bad life isn't that way.

Life is too short to plan too far. You will never know what will happen next. All I want to do now is do what I want and live with no regrets. I am not complaining about my life because I always say to myself that my life is so much better and I always feel grateful to be born in my family. I love my parents, my family and my friends. Well, there's up and down that makes your life interesting I guess.

I need to know what to focus now and stop being such a lazy bum at times. Clock is ticking and they will not stop for any of us. I can do this and so do all of us! 'Don't stop, never give up!' Note to myself. ;) I need to say a big thank you to my sister who has been there for me when I need someone the most. I didn't know that I was that weak to not being able to be myself. It is true that no matter how tough or strong you can be, you will always need someone who can be there for you to get through anything.