Sunday, June 22, 2014

Red People?

Some of us might know what is it but some might be like, huh? What do you mean by Red People?

It was established by Namewee in 2014. I think his concept was to create a platform for those popular people on the internet and allow them to bring out themselves better. You can also find their 'About Me' (in Chinese) as per screenshot below taken from their Facebook page:

It all started with a MV: You're Not Red 你不红

I am not too sure what do you think about the MV, but somehow if you got nothing to do, you can watch it to kill your time. (maybe not that meaningful) After watching it, all I can remember was 'momomomomomomomooo', which can be a little annoying but nevermind. After all, these artists are basically 'red people' from the Internet. A way to make people discuss about them, regardless positive or negative comments.

After that, they have released the 2nd MV 'Sambal Party' which is related to World Cup 2014 Malaysia. I am not too sure Red People consists of how many members, however, according to the MV, the names that appeared were:

1. Wilbur Ng
2. Kevin
3. Wong Xiao Le
4. Jimmmy / Jimmy.Yuki
5. Charles Tee
6. May Ng
7. Strawberry
8. Hannya
9. Yiki Kho
10. Michiyo Ho
11. Crystal Hishico
12. Diorlynn Ong (fan page) / FB account
13. Rumiko
14. Stella Chen
15. Zoey @ Kelly / fan page
16. Yuki
17. Joyce Chu

Please do not curse them or whatever, I mean, this MV is just for fun and if we compared them to the well-known artists, it is kinda unfair for them. They definitely need to improve and learn how to express themselves better if they really wanna become artists. For me, they seem to be a bunch of kiddos who want to be famous and enjoy being under the spotlight. Of course, that was what I thought at the first place without watching their work or follow all of them.

The first person I got to know was Diorlynn Ong. I started to follow her on Instagram because she seems to be cute and I think Leng Sean tagged her on Instagram (how I got to know her account on Instagram). After that, when Namewee composed a song specially for Joyce Chu, that was when all the hu ha happened. People start noticing Joyce Chu & Red People and they even received attention from other countries.

The song that was composed for Joyce Chu was 'Malaysia Chabor'. Quite addictive and cute lor, but wanna say very nice then cannot. I like to watch singing competition, so for her standard seems to be not there yet (I am not a professional judge or have any music backgroud, so cannot take my comment seriously also la). Hopefully she can improve her singing skill as time goes by. Somemore she is so young, still got time geh. To be honest, besides Joyce and Diorlynn, others I do not really know about them.

Recently got another video been spreading and received a lot, which I really mean A LOT of negative comments/feedback about Charles Tee. The topic is about BYE MALAYSIA. He went for a trip to Redang and posted a picture of himself about to board the plane by saying: Bye malaysia :D Redang, I'm coming :):)
After that, people started to comment that by telling him that Redang is still in Malaysia and some even say that he does not have much common knowledge. According to him, some even comment about his parents.

Charles Tee got so frustrated that he replied by posting a video: BYE MALAYSIA. However I do think that that was a bad move. It gave me that kind of samseng feel on him when I watched it. I believed he loves his parents and he cannot deal with the negative comments especially when it comes to his parents. However, what surprised me was, the video was posted by his agency, Red People. What were they thinking? I thought they said that they are trying to 'repackage' these people so that they can present themselves better.

You can expect the responses from the public. Some said should just give him another chance, but most of the comments that I have read were negative. After a few days later, he released another video apologize to the public for what he has done. I am not too sure if these are arranged or he is really that ignorant. The video that he apologized to the public: BYE MALAYSIA (apologize)

I am quite free to check and follow all these news because I have been staying at home (refer to my previous post for the reason why). Sometimes I think I have wasted some of my time, but who cares? Thought of supporting Malaysians, but they really need to show better performance and learn how to deal with criticism well. If you want to be an artist, this is part of it. Their agency should have quality control and make sure the standard is there la. So that people will know and understand not everyone can become an artist easily. The road is tough and if you cannot take it, then leave it. I wish them all the best!

Please forgive me for any grammar mistakes or incorrect spelling. My blog ma, what you want wor.

Oklar, if you have been listening to all their videos, I am gonna post a video which I hope you will enjoy because I like them! Sam Smith 'How will I know' Whitney Houston Cover. Enjoy!