Friday, June 27, 2014

Like Seriously?

I am so bored.

I think I might have just wasted one month plus of my time while staying at home doing nothing much. Not that I am being negative, but sometimes we need to let other people know that we are not always happy and life is always smooth, you know? Especially on Facebook, we tend to share all those happy moments and thinking maybe my friends would not like to see negative thoughts or moments, hence we hardly share those negative ones.

But life is full so positive and negative moments too! The best part, when I fractured my toes, sometimes it gets on my nerve when people told me that 'Oh that's not too bad! You get to stay at home doing nothing.' Like seriously? I feel so useless staying at home doing nothing much and I have to depend on my parents to take care of me. When I am trying to do things by myself, they will find it hard to let me do so. After all, they are my parents. Which parents do not worry about their children? Somehow it makes me feel ... useless, like I said.

For those who thinks that staying at home like this is fun and good, you come and fracture one part of your body and see. See whether it is nice to feel the pain and bother people around you. Bloody hell, think this is fun to stay at home. I might be crazy, but somehow I prefer being healthy and able to go to work and gym. At least I feel alive. I feel okay because I get to spend more time with my parents and all, but please do not tell me to my face that this is OKAY AND FUN. You are allowed to have that thought to yourself tho.