Thursday, June 19, 2014

I am back with fractured toes!

Woah. I have abandoned my blog for quite some time..AGAIN.

Guess what? The reason why I am blogging now is because I have fractured my toes and I have not been working for at least one month ady. I got all the freeeee time now! The story starts when I came back to my hometown for Mother's Day celebration..We were having fun in Penang and I was on my way to Yeng Keng Cafe & Bar. There were a few steps and I guess I accidentally skipped one of them and fell.

It happened so fast that I cannot really recall what actually happened. My sis was standing next to me and she got freaked out. After that we thought I only sprained my leg. We ended up not having meals in Yeng Keng and went back home. Before that, we went to a clinic near my home and surprisingly, doctor told me that I have 3 fractured toes and recommended me to Bagan Specialist.

Currently I am resting at home and sort of being a useless person. :| My parents are here to take care of me. Teehee. When I was working, I told my dad that I do not want to work anymore and ask him to take care of that my wish has been granted, I want to say, please let me go back to work! :'(

But I also get to spend more time with my family. So it wasn't that bad after all. We also celebrated Father's Day by having a normal meal, where we do not have to queue long line for dinner. Mixed feelings that I am having..