Sunday, June 29, 2014

Do you have a story?

I used to be so happy about life in Malaysia. Lately I can feel some changes in myself. 

Nowadays I feel that everyone is an actor/actress. Not that I am saying people are being fake or not being themselves, but people are so addicted to social media that I find it hard to understand or knowing someone truthfully. Suddenly it makes me miss the good old times, when people really go out together <s>without looking at their mobile phone most of the time</s>, where most of the talking happen face to face <s>instead of everything online</s>, when children really play games <s>not using ipad/iphone</s>. Why is the world turning into this? Again, maybe we should ask ourselves first. What is happening to our generation now might be the cause of how we act or bring ourselves to them.

When people use social media, they tend to share things which might make people think that they are enjoying their life or their life is good. Of course, there are a group of people who really intend to share with their friends and relatives but not to show off something like that. Should I be worrying what will happen to my children in the future? 

Sometimes I wonder, should a person really express their feelings freely or they should control themselves and not to reveal all their feelings. It can be a good thing or it can be dangerous as well. I guess this is because human can be dangerous. They will use your weakness to attack you, but if you are lucky, you might be facing a good person who will be there for you and help you when you are in trouble. 

In conclusion, maybe people try to show their good side and hide their bad sides. No? It can be anything anyway. Everyone has their own story behind. :)