Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feeling of getting old

This year I am 25 years old.

To look back at what have I done for the past years, somehow I feel that something is still missing. I always thought that I know what I want, but right now I am not sure about that.

I miss the life when I was in college life and in UK. Reasons?

- Do not have to work for money
- Get to travel around
- Friends around to do silly stuffs

However, it was not the best moment. I guess the best moment should be being with people that you love, no matter what am I doing right now. After working, we hardly get in touch with the friends around you. Basically people are just busy with their own stuffs. Isn't it? Listening to people who are younger than me chit chatting and laugh, makes me feel a little old. Right now, I feel like spending my weekend doing nothing, just nothing. That is because I feel so tired on the weekdays as my mind keep thinking about work and work.

But by doing this, I feel like as if I am a robot. So besides work, I need to find something else to do. I cannot live like this. I almost felt depressed when all I do was just work, sleep and go to work again. I rather being occupied by something else even if I have lesser time to rest.

Looking at the pictures below reminds me of many thing. It's fine, it is time to get ready for the future!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weeee! I love Nandos!

I was never a big fan of Nandos.

Carolyn (my ex-housemate) loves to eat Nandos. Everytime when they order delivery from Nandos, I will just tell them 'Nah, I'm not joining.'

Until one day, I decided to give it a try. That was when I started to love Nandos.

Argh, the chicken tastes so good that I think Kenny Rogers is no longer in my heart. I am sorry KR, but that is the truth. However, KFC is still fine I guess. BUT FRIED!

So Nandos is a better choice! ;)

Lately I have won a voucher for 1/4 chicken + 2 sides, that makes me love them more! YEEEHAAA!


I am a cat, meow!

Lately I have been losing my patience.

I wonder what is happening to me.

Sometimes, to be someone who does not care for anything is really a happy thing.

It is like, no worries, be happy.

Anyway, back to the main point, I think I am a cat. ._.

I did not realized it until this year.

Things that I do/did:

  • Easily attracted to anything (argh, curiosity kills a cat)
  • Like to meow at anytime (even when I am working)
  • Like people to pet me! (only applies to certain people, there are certain people who pet me and I will go mad)
  • LAZY
  • Like to play :3
So, meow~ Nah, just a random post. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday was not that blue

Usually I will feel kinda reluctant to go to work on Monday.

As usual, the Monday blue. Bahh.

I had a sweet dream to welcome the Monday.

It was weird and nice at the same time I guess.

Imagine me being on an island, somewhere far. I do not know where was it.

It was full of trees, plants, and a big sea.

I was walking on a bridge and when I look down to the sea,

I saw a big whale swimming.

Somehow it makes me feel relax and peace.

It does not look like that, but that is the closest photo that I can find. Hah.

It was really beautiful. I wonder if there is any meaning behind my dream. 

Hmm, maybe it is time for a vacation? 

Seriously, it is just a flip fop

It is just a flip fop.

It is just a flip fop.

Nah. I can always get a nicer and cheaper one.



Why did I saw this ... the love-hate feeling when you like it so much but when you got to know the price which is not so worth it to spend hundreds for a flip fop.

I wish I am rich now.

Alright, I shall work harder ! FML.