Friday, June 21, 2013

I am sick

Teeeheee. I am sick today! Hence I am on MC and I felt bored for the whole day.

First half was not so good as I was sleeping and lying on the bed most of the time. Find it hard to get up until I feel a little better that I can drive myself to the clinic.

Damn medicine that costs me RM101?! wtf?!

With all the rest and medicine, I was feeling much better after dinner. But then since I was alone, I got nothing much to do. :S So I got myself a new hairstyle! Lalalala, too much of me.

Syok sendiri. :) 

Well, at least now I am ready to welcome Friday and it is time to rock and roll ! Woot! Time to sleep and get ready to work. Hopefully Friday is gonna be a good day!