Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Well, it is a bit late to talk about this, but no doubt, I have to write this down because if one day what if I had a coma and I do not remember a shit after that?! (think too much, but yeah)

I believe that most of us love our dad. We always think that how great our dad is. I am one of them. Since young, I have been pampered by my parents. I used to remember I love barbie dolls. If I got lost in the shopping mall, you know where to find me. Among my siblings, I have the highest record of getting lost in the shopping mall. I miss those days when I will have a piggyback ride in the shopping mall or anywhere!

I love to sleep at my dad's back. They are so broad and you just feel safe. As if you will not feel afraid even if a monster appeared. (while I was young, I have a lot of imagination) I always get what I want because if I don't, I will cry so loud that my parents will have to give in. HAHAHA. Of course, there were times that I will get my punishment. I will even go there far to throw away the cane. Oh well, I would have say that I was naughty. Kesian my parents, but I hope now they are proud of me! Heeeeheee.

Thank you for everything dad. You are the best dad in the world for me and I will always love you and mum. (although there will be times that I will make you go mad because I never listen to what you said) I am proud of myself because the me now, is the one who you and mum brought me up. You taught me things and love the way I am. If there is anyone out there doubt my abilities, I know you will not. You will always be there for me and give me advise when I need one.

Besides that, you will always know what am I thinking. Before I start with my evil plan, you already knew about them. All those moments, when I am typing all these, flashback starts from primary school, secondary school, college and till now. I am lucky because I am still able to tell you that I love you. I am lucky to be your daughter and your crying baby. I hate to think the day that you are not gonna be around. I never fail to cry everything I think about that. I think I am like a cat. I like to manja and I like someone to pet me on my head (only for certain person). Try to do that on me if I not close to you, I will definitely bite!

Especially when I watch any movie that involves dad passing away (*choi! touch wood*), just count 1-3 and tears will be dropping none stop. Oh gosh, here comes the part that I will keep crying and have swollen eyes just because I thinking about something stupid. Anyway, gonna stop these and direct message to my dad, I LOVE YOU, DAD! :)

When dad came to visit me in Liverpool