Friday, June 21, 2013

I am sick

Teeeheee. I am sick today! Hence I am on MC and I felt bored for the whole day.

First half was not so good as I was sleeping and lying on the bed most of the time. Find it hard to get up until I feel a little better that I can drive myself to the clinic.

Damn medicine that costs me RM101?! wtf?!

With all the rest and medicine, I was feeling much better after dinner. But then since I was alone, I got nothing much to do. :S So I got myself a new hairstyle! Lalalala, too much of me.

Syok sendiri. :) 

Well, at least now I am ready to welcome Friday and it is time to rock and roll ! Woot! Time to sleep and get ready to work. Hopefully Friday is gonna be a good day!

The Path

There are two types of people in this world. One that does not plan and another one that who always plans.


As for me, I think I might be a little bit more to the one who plans? But at times I will be thinking, why do we need to plan ahead? Well, plan ahead for a few days might seem reasonable. However, when it comes to about our future, what do you think?

Sometimes I think that if we plan too far ahead, we might be spending time planning too much and ended up missing the fun or to enjoy the process of our life. Isn't it? For guy around my age, they are starting to worry about marriage. Because it will be time to get married soon and the headache part - saving a.k.a. money. Are you gonna plan ahead so long so that you can afford to have a great wedding with perfect honeymoon and so on. I think marriage is a two person thing. It should not be a person's burden or responsibility.

Anyway, do not get me wrong, it is not like I am getting married soon with the situation that I am having right now. Sometimes, I just wish that I have support so that the path that I am going through will be smoother. Haha. Just kidding, not to say I am going through a hard life. I am happy with my current life. Just that in our life we will keep thinking about 'what if this' and 'what if that'. There is no 'what if'. We should just go ahead and accept whatever it is coming to us. Not only to accept, but to deal with it. That's the fun part. That is the part where you will start to learn and grow up.

Being a 'good' person or should I put it that trying to be a good person is never easy. SERIOUSLY. You have to always think for other people before it comes to you. Too much to think. When I am impatient, I tend to become a bitch. True story. I wish someday someone will be able to see right through me, or maybe I have found them, it is just that the society doesn't allow or approve them.

Teeeheee. You may find it hard to understand, but it is alright. It is my blog after all. Thank you for dropping by if at all anyone is reading this.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Well, it is a bit late to talk about this, but no doubt, I have to write this down because if one day what if I had a coma and I do not remember a shit after that?! (think too much, but yeah)

I believe that most of us love our dad. We always think that how great our dad is. I am one of them. Since young, I have been pampered by my parents. I used to remember I love barbie dolls. If I got lost in the shopping mall, you know where to find me. Among my siblings, I have the highest record of getting lost in the shopping mall. I miss those days when I will have a piggyback ride in the shopping mall or anywhere!

I love to sleep at my dad's back. They are so broad and you just feel safe. As if you will not feel afraid even if a monster appeared. (while I was young, I have a lot of imagination) I always get what I want because if I don't, I will cry so loud that my parents will have to give in. HAHAHA. Of course, there were times that I will get my punishment. I will even go there far to throw away the cane. Oh well, I would have say that I was naughty. Kesian my parents, but I hope now they are proud of me! Heeeeheee.

Thank you for everything dad. You are the best dad in the world for me and I will always love you and mum. (although there will be times that I will make you go mad because I never listen to what you said) I am proud of myself because the me now, is the one who you and mum brought me up. You taught me things and love the way I am. If there is anyone out there doubt my abilities, I know you will not. You will always be there for me and give me advise when I need one.

Besides that, you will always know what am I thinking. Before I start with my evil plan, you already knew about them. All those moments, when I am typing all these, flashback starts from primary school, secondary school, college and till now. I am lucky because I am still able to tell you that I love you. I am lucky to be your daughter and your crying baby. I hate to think the day that you are not gonna be around. I never fail to cry everything I think about that. I think I am like a cat. I like to manja and I like someone to pet me on my head (only for certain person). Try to do that on me if I not close to you, I will definitely bite!

Especially when I watch any movie that involves dad passing away (*choi! touch wood*), just count 1-3 and tears will be dropping none stop. Oh gosh, here comes the part that I will keep crying and have swollen eyes just because I thinking about something stupid. Anyway, gonna stop these and direct message to my dad, I LOVE YOU, DAD! :)

When dad came to visit me in Liverpool