Monday, April 29, 2013


Sometimes you have no idea who to talk to.

It is not that you do not know who to talk to, or maybe there are too much of lies that you choose to keep quiet.

Lies that you do not intend to tell but you have to.

You keep asking why but there is no exact answer. While you keep searching for the answer, did you realized that you might have neglected things that are important for you as well?

Anything goes wrong, you blame it on someone else. If there is no one else, you blame it on God.

Does it make you feel better?

At times, you have random thoughts like: who am I? Am I for real?

You look at your fingers and realized that you are actually controlling them.

But why? So many question marks.

Why can't I control my own life?

Was it because I can't or I choose not to?

It is good to be alive but sometimes you just do not understand why.

Freedom. What is freedom?

Decison, decision. Sometimes you are just tired of making decision.

You are tired of everything.

I wanna throw everything behind and go travel. Sounds easy?

It is gonna be hard, like VERY HARD.

That's life and welcome to life.