Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ranting (not really long)

There will no picture for this post.

All about ranting.

First of all, not pointing fingers because I myself might got into this situation as well. FUCK THIS SHIT. Problems? Yes, deal with it. Do not come and tell us as if you were the only one. We all have problems. You do, I do, he does, she does and ALL of us! Thank you for being so 'considerate'!

Even if you are freaking rich, you have problem. You are afraid that someone might kidnap you, you have to think of a way to maintain or increase the income that you have.

If you are poor, you have more problems. You might be happy, but you will not be always happy. Shshhhh. I do not usually lose control.

Besides this, I got so frustrated when people from my ex company spreading rumors and gossip like there is no tomorrow. Not trying to bad mouth any particular people, but I MADE MY OWN DECISION. Think, seriously think again because you tried to excuse someone from 'poisoning' my mind? I asked for help. Fine for me if you wanna talk about me, because I do not care anymore. I am happy in my current company. Just do not make other people's life miserable.

If you need to spend your time gossiping, use me as your topic. Do not attack my friend who helped me. Phew. Alright, back to reality.

Someday I need to pamper myself. Last year went to Vietnam, this year not going anywhere since I just joined my current company and no bonus for me! Boo!

Currently into this series, Dexter. kthxbai.