Thursday, January 17, 2013

Red & Blue

Too much of red lately.

I was wondering how come I like red? Before this I always like blue. Haha. Look at my room!

Basically this is how my room look like in the morning without turning on the light and another way round.

Not to mention ever since I have changed my handphone, what an owner usually will do is to..get a phone cover I guess? Of course, some owner just like it plain. :) If you have never try to get one cover for yourself, please do not start. Once you start, there will be no end..unless you are good in controlling yourself.

 I love this flip cover! Only for RM18. ._. When I go shopping mall and search for covers, it costs me more than RM50. 

I still like blue! See what happened to the toilet. Muahahaha. I have to change the toilet seat anyway. The old one was like so dirty. I don't think I wanna upload that anyway.

Blue toilet seat spotted!

As for watch, of course I have blue and red watches as well. The yellow stripes was given by Gillian. Brown color one was given by my ex bf parents. I bought the blue one and black G-shock. As for the red G-shock was given by someone as birthday present. 

I am not going to get any watch for this year! :x