Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My hairstyles

Phew, talk about hairstyle. Right now I feel like getting a bob again. Anyway, I will wait for a few months later since I just dyed my hair. I wanted to dye red, but to have obvious red, I will have to bleach my hair. That would be ouch for my hair. Anyway, review about my hairstyle that I like since 2010 till now.

In 2010, I got a new hairstyle from Andy Chan. He has a hair studio in Johor Bahru. To be honest, I love it! But it is hard to maintain since I have to perm it myself. Blehh. It is not permanent one. Gotta be skillful I guess. If only I am hardworking enough. Tadaa...here's the transform.

 I think I look cute on the right picture. HAHAHA. *muka tebal mode on*

After that, in 2011, Xiao Man came to Malaysia and I happened to be one of the hair models. This one a bit stressful. I wasn't really an experienced model anyway, so gotta try to reach her expectation. She's a good person overall. Although at times she might say something quite harsh. Haha. Somehow, I prefer the before (left picture). LOL. But I like the short hairstyle as well. Teehee.

Very short hair in less than 10 minutes. No kidding. She cuts my hair like damn fast.  

After that, I did not cut my hair and leave it long..until 2013! I just keep it trimmed only. Dyed new color which is red+purple. Which is not obvious in the picture below. I can't wait for a new hairstyle after the color fades.

The current hairstyle. :)