Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There are so many things that I wanna share, but too many that I do not know what to start first.

Let's talk about kids. They are so wonderful in a way that they do not judge based on our skin colors. The reason I am saying this is because there was once I saw a Malay kid trying to play with a Chinese kid. But for them, it doesn't really matter. All they wanna do is just play together. Nowadays we cannot help but to judge a little. That is because we have grown up. We have seen things and our environment teaches us to become what we are now. 

I apologized if what I have written here will offend you. However, please bare in mind that this is purely my opinion and I do not have any discrimination against any race. We have heard this before, 'If I were to put in a room with a snake and an Indian, I will kill the Indian first.' However, since my previous job place allowed me to know more Indians, I would say that some of them are really nice. It does not matter whether what kind of race you are, it is your personality and attitude that matter.

Let me show you 1 Malaysia! Haha, I miss Hidayah & Sharmila. :) 

Anyway, let's not go any further. This can be a very sensitive topic. I wanna be Nyancat! 

I'm gonna annoy someone to the max in order to make myself happy. HAHAHAHHA.