Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who are you

Basically you are feeling so lost.

There is no where you can express your feeling.

All you need is just a place where all your thoughts and feelings can be expressed.

You cannot hate your parents, you cannot hate him, ended up you hate yourself.

You hate this world.

Letting it go seems to be an easy way to say.

Everyone knows that.

This is a realistic world. True love?

It only belongs to the Fairy Tales.

Yes, they might exist, but not in my world.

You cry, again and over again. It doesn't help, my dear.

Even after you cried and fell asleep, nothing is gonna change.

Everyday you pray that things will be better.

This is only a nightmare.

Sometimes you feel like hurting yourself, so that you can wake up from this nightmare.

But you know well that this is not a dream.

You wanted to escape, but again, knowing that escape from reality will not help as well.

A short getaway might make you feel better, but not for long, darling.

Sometimes you wish that you live for yourself, so that you do not have to think for others.

Everytime you think for others, you will not be able to do something for yourself.

You're tired.

The most tiring thing of all is not that you have to deal with all these and being extremely upset and clueless,

it is when you are so upset and yet you have to hide it, pretend nothing goes wrong.