Saturday, March 10, 2012


Looking at the sky, she looks so deep in thought.

Again, listening to the music, trying to distract herself from thinking too much.

This poor little girl, she has always smile and laugh in front of her friends.

Maybe she thinks that no one can actually understands her.

But if she doesn't tell or show to anyone, how would anyone knows or understands her?

If you are not open to yourself or to your friend, no one will be able to help, my dear.

The more you are trying to hide, the more the insecurities are gonna hunt you down.

People have been telling that each of us, we do have a box that we keep all our secrets in it.

I do have secrets. You do, he does, she does and we all do.

It doesn't really matters.

At the end of the day, maybe someone is gonna know about your secrets or maybe not.

But when that someone does, I bet that is because you believe that person with all your heart.

So whenever people are telling you something, even if it is not a secret,

please, listen carefully and handle it with care.

Sometimes, having a secret or keeping a secret is so tiring.

We all hope for a place where we can truly be ourselves.