Sunday, March 25, 2012

March updates

I do have skin allergy since I was young, it is Eczema. I couldn't really recall how young was I, but I remember that I was not allowed to consume anything that contains egg and peanut. However, after my primary school moments, it went away and I can eat eggs and peanuts!

Sigh. Too bad it came back when I was 21 years old. That sucks. Oh well, at least I thank God that I do have a few years to enjoy eggs and peanuts. So, I guess I'm kinda lucky? Anyway, been dealing with the same thing for almost 4 years. It is like on and off and I wouldn't know when will it go away or maybe not. For the first year, I went to consult quite a number of doctors and also skin specialists. As time goes by, the hopes got lower and lower. I remember how I used to feel fed up with it and eventually I got numb and I don't really care anymore.

Again, on a positive side, at least I can walk perfectly and I shouldn't feel like it's over. Lately my dad told me about Moogoo and also Olivenol plus 2x. Not too sure if they work or not, but I'm gonna give it a try. Just bought Olivenol plus 2x today. Finger crossed. Well, if it works, I'm gonna share it with my friends who got the same skin allergy like I do.

I went to watch The Hunger Games at the Mines, feel like vomiting after the show. Not because of the movie sucks, but the jerky camera movements. Still feeling nausea at the moment. It wasn't really that bad if it didn't make me feel sick.

One of the random things that I did today. There was an event in The Mines Shopping Mall. It is something like a princess contest in conjunction with the Mirror Mirror movie that is going to be released on 29th March 2012. Saw cute little princesses sitting near the stage. By looking at their costumes, I know their parents must have spent a lot on them. While most of the princesses sitting near together with their big and fluffy dresses, I saw one of the princesses sitting at the corner with her mum. She doesn't have big fluffy dress, she dressed up like Snow White. Don't know why, somehow she caught my attention and I've decided to give her a little support. After the catwalk on the stage, I bought a flower and a little teddy bear and gave it to her with her mum's permission. Her mum was happy and keep saying thank you, as for the kid, she looked at me without knowing what to say. Haha. It was kinda awkward but I'm happy. I hope that kid is happy too. Blah, they don't need a competition to tell them that they are princess.

I know I am a princess. Teeheeee. Because my parents treat me like one. ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Looking at the sky, she looks so deep in thought.

Again, listening to the music, trying to distract herself from thinking too much.

This poor little girl, she has always smile and laugh in front of her friends.

Maybe she thinks that no one can actually understands her.

But if she doesn't tell or show to anyone, how would anyone knows or understands her?

If you are not open to yourself or to your friend, no one will be able to help, my dear.

The more you are trying to hide, the more the insecurities are gonna hunt you down.

People have been telling that each of us, we do have a box that we keep all our secrets in it.

I do have secrets. You do, he does, she does and we all do.

It doesn't really matters.

At the end of the day, maybe someone is gonna know about your secrets or maybe not.

But when that someone does, I bet that is because you believe that person with all your heart.

So whenever people are telling you something, even if it is not a secret,

please, listen carefully and handle it with care.

Sometimes, having a secret or keeping a secret is so tiring.

We all hope for a place where we can truly be ourselves.