Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scumbag pimple ._.

It happens all the time! Rawr!

Worse part? Sometimes can 2 or 3 combined into one.


Wooooo and meow

Woo, how I love to look at the moon. :) 2 days ago I was on my way to the bank and I saw the moon. So nice! :D Somehow it reminded me of someone who means a lot to me. I do not know why. I guess I wish to watch it with him? Teeeheee.

Then this morning I saw the moon again! wtfbbq, as if I have never seen a moon before Took a picture of it. :) Why is it so dark? Ahh, it was around 5-6am if I am not mistaken.

When I was on my way back, I saw something in the mail box. Being a curious monster, I have decided to check it out. :p To my surprise, I saw my name and also the comic blogger's name, Mr. Goh. :D Happily took it and opened it!

Tadaaaa! Me likey!

The 4 comic bloggers that involved for this calendar design

Thank you Miao giving out your spare one. :p I will workship you with fishes. Teeehee. Just kidding. Thanks again to the team. :3 Muahahaaa. I'm a happy girl now. End of story.