Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There are so many things that I wanna share, but too many that I do not know what to start first.

Let's talk about kids. They are so wonderful in a way that they do not judge based on our skin colors. The reason I am saying this is because there was once I saw a Malay kid trying to play with a Chinese kid. But for them, it doesn't really matter. All they wanna do is just play together. Nowadays we cannot help but to judge a little. That is because we have grown up. We have seen things and our environment teaches us to become what we are now. 

I apologized if what I have written here will offend you. However, please bare in mind that this is purely my opinion and I do not have any discrimination against any race. We have heard this before, 'If I were to put in a room with a snake and an Indian, I will kill the Indian first.' However, since my previous job place allowed me to know more Indians, I would say that some of them are really nice. It does not matter whether what kind of race you are, it is your personality and attitude that matter.

Let me show you 1 Malaysia! Haha, I miss Hidayah & Sharmila. :) 

Anyway, let's not go any further. This can be a very sensitive topic. I wanna be Nyancat! 

I'm gonna annoy someone to the max in order to make myself happy. HAHAHAHHA. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who are you

Basically you are feeling so lost.

There is no where you can express your feeling.

All you need is just a place where all your thoughts and feelings can be expressed.

You cannot hate your parents, you cannot hate him, ended up you hate yourself.

You hate this world.

Letting it go seems to be an easy way to say.

Everyone knows that.

This is a realistic world. True love?

It only belongs to the Fairy Tales.

Yes, they might exist, but not in my world.

You cry, again and over again. It doesn't help, my dear.

Even after you cried and fell asleep, nothing is gonna change.

Everyday you pray that things will be better.

This is only a nightmare.

Sometimes you feel like hurting yourself, so that you can wake up from this nightmare.

But you know well that this is not a dream.

You wanted to escape, but again, knowing that escape from reality will not help as well.

A short getaway might make you feel better, but not for long, darling.

Sometimes you wish that you live for yourself, so that you do not have to think for others.

Everytime you think for others, you will not be able to do something for yourself.

You're tired.

The most tiring thing of all is not that you have to deal with all these and being extremely upset and clueless,

it is when you are so upset and yet you have to hide it, pretend nothing goes wrong.

Friday, June 29, 2012

One litre of tears

Finally I have watched '1 litre of tears' as recommended by my friends around me. Of course, this time it was because Jimmy has recommended this again, hence I have decided to give it a try.

Damn, make me cry like nobody's business. There are like 11 episodes and basically I was crying when I watched  each of them. ._. Then the next day I will have swollen eyes. Rofl, I cannot believe that I still have this kind of moments after working. I thought it only happens when one is still studying, especially college time. However, people said that crying is a good way to release stress, aye? 

People always look at you at a different way because you're different from the others. The stares, where it can actually make people feel uncomfortable. How sad it is when one person cannot do what he/she wants just because to fit in the community. Sometimes just to avoid the extra concerns or maybe the stares. No doubt, people talk and gossip. The worst part of all is when people that you are close to are feeling ashamed due to such situation or condition.

Waiting and hope. In the end of the day, most of us might have to go through the 5 stages of grief.
- Denial
- Anger
- Bargaining
- Depression
- Acceptance

This is the Kübler-Ross model, a hypothesis that the reactions to illness, death, and loss are as unique as the person experiencing them. 

Especially living in Malaysia, if you are being different, it can be a pain as people are always being busybody. However, I believe not all of them. I still have faith in humanity. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mickey Mouse through the years

If you're a Mickey Mouse lover, then you gotta go check them out in Midvalley! :) The project is from 24 May till 17 Sep 2012, so you do not have to worry much that you might not be able to see them. For more information, you can read them from The Sun Daily

I've watched MIB3 as well! Woot! Almost cry at the ending part, but managed to hold my tears. :x 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A better day

Today I work for the later shift, hence it was kinda rare for me to be able to see the night view. Usually I will work at early shift. As usual, after work I will stay in my room until .. maybe hungry? or too bored. It wasn't too bright or dark, it was just nice. Yesterday was not a really good day for me, but at least today it is a better day. ;)

Yes! It's time camwhore. :p I have the right k? I do not know why, but I just love to wear black today. Or maybe not just today. Teeeheee. 

Signing off,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When meow becomes rawr

Been a little cranky lately.

Maybe it's the time of the month, or maybe just being moody.

Lately I feel like slapping people because sometimes they tend to say or do something stupid.

It's okay, I guess I did that before. Everyone does. Tell me, who doesn't?

It all started with the shifts.

Then with the incident and dealing with people.

Had a serious talk with Liang and there goes my moody life.

Gotta start pick up and push away the negative feelings. :)

Let's dance in the rain!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March updates

I do have skin allergy since I was young, it is Eczema. I couldn't really recall how young was I, but I remember that I was not allowed to consume anything that contains egg and peanut. However, after my primary school moments, it went away and I can eat eggs and peanuts!

Sigh. Too bad it came back when I was 21 years old. That sucks. Oh well, at least I thank God that I do have a few years to enjoy eggs and peanuts. So, I guess I'm kinda lucky? Anyway, been dealing with the same thing for almost 4 years. It is like on and off and I wouldn't know when will it go away or maybe not. For the first year, I went to consult quite a number of doctors and also skin specialists. As time goes by, the hopes got lower and lower. I remember how I used to feel fed up with it and eventually I got numb and I don't really care anymore.

Again, on a positive side, at least I can walk perfectly and I shouldn't feel like it's over. Lately my dad told me about Moogoo and also Olivenol plus 2x. Not too sure if they work or not, but I'm gonna give it a try. Just bought Olivenol plus 2x today. Finger crossed. Well, if it works, I'm gonna share it with my friends who got the same skin allergy like I do.

I went to watch The Hunger Games at the Mines, feel like vomiting after the show. Not because of the movie sucks, but the jerky camera movements. Still feeling nausea at the moment. It wasn't really that bad if it didn't make me feel sick.

One of the random things that I did today. There was an event in The Mines Shopping Mall. It is something like a princess contest in conjunction with the Mirror Mirror movie that is going to be released on 29th March 2012. Saw cute little princesses sitting near the stage. By looking at their costumes, I know their parents must have spent a lot on them. While most of the princesses sitting near together with their big and fluffy dresses, I saw one of the princesses sitting at the corner with her mum. She doesn't have big fluffy dress, she dressed up like Snow White. Don't know why, somehow she caught my attention and I've decided to give her a little support. After the catwalk on the stage, I bought a flower and a little teddy bear and gave it to her with her mum's permission. Her mum was happy and keep saying thank you, as for the kid, she looked at me without knowing what to say. Haha. It was kinda awkward but I'm happy. I hope that kid is happy too. Blah, they don't need a competition to tell them that they are princess.

I know I am a princess. Teeheeee. Because my parents treat me like one. ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Looking at the sky, she looks so deep in thought.

Again, listening to the music, trying to distract herself from thinking too much.

This poor little girl, she has always smile and laugh in front of her friends.

Maybe she thinks that no one can actually understands her.

But if she doesn't tell or show to anyone, how would anyone knows or understands her?

If you are not open to yourself or to your friend, no one will be able to help, my dear.

The more you are trying to hide, the more the insecurities are gonna hunt you down.

People have been telling that each of us, we do have a box that we keep all our secrets in it.

I do have secrets. You do, he does, she does and we all do.

It doesn't really matters.

At the end of the day, maybe someone is gonna know about your secrets or maybe not.

But when that someone does, I bet that is because you believe that person with all your heart.

So whenever people are telling you something, even if it is not a secret,

please, listen carefully and handle it with care.

Sometimes, having a secret or keeping a secret is so tiring.

We all hope for a place where we can truly be ourselves.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The most happening month

First of all, Hidayah got engaged already. I am really happy for her. Come to think that those days when I see her being upset over him, I do not know what should I do to cheer her up. :) Hidayah, I am really happy for you and I wish you all the best and may all your wishes come true aye? :p Besides that, Happy Belated Valentine's day! The very next day was Jimmy's mum birthday. Well, to be honest, I do not know what to prepare or get for her, only a simple card. ._. Teeeheee, not too bad I guess. I took about 3 nights to finish these cards!

I know I am awesome! Buahaha.

Got myself a new key chain as well. I love it to bits! Got flash one okay? :p *syok-sendiri mode on* Went out with Gil and I had a great time with her. Tak habis-habis we talk and gossip about people. Especially Jimmy. *grins* I have no idea what we were talking about but it lasted for a few hours. Huhu.

Smile! You're on camera

Last but not least, I went to this Kelana Jaya Immigration Office. Fuiyoo. To renew your passport is kinda a pain in the ass. Gah. Since I have weekend to get it done and the office only open for half day. They will start to work from 8am till 1pm, if I am not mistaken. I reached at the office around 8.15am, by the time it is my turn to get a number, the fella told me that : "Nombor dah habis, sila datang besok." ._.

The next day, I reached there at 7.15am, this time I've learned my lesson. Hmph! But still I gotta queue up and the whole process thingy really get me on my nerves. However, if you wanna renew passport at Kelana Jaya Immigration Office, make sure you queue up for the number to renew at the kiosk. You can only use the kiosk if your old passport was done after 2008. Not to sure about other places. Besides that, you do not need the form as well if you are using the kiosk. However, to be safe, please prepare the form..

So basically you gotta prepare :
- Identification Card (original and photo copies)
- 1 recent passport size photo
- Your recent passport (if you are going to renew)
- $$ RM100 or RM300 (2 years / 5 years)

No worries if you are afraid that you do not know how to use the kiosk. There will be a guard or someone there to guide you. :) If you wanna know which immigration office is nearer to your place, you can always google and find out which one is open on the weekend.

As for the long queue, I'll blame it on AirAsia, because now everyone can fly!

Pejabat Imigresen Subang (Relocated & renamed as Pejabat Imigresen Kelana Jaya)
Address:Blok A, Plaza Glomac
Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Telephone:03-7883 0975 / 7885 0149 / 7885 0301
Fax:03-7885 0243
Office Hours:Monday - Friday 7.30 a.m - 1.00 p.m and 2.00 p.m - 5.30 p.m
Saturday - Sunday 8.00 a.m - 1.00 p.m (Passport Processing Only)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Teeehee. I've been working in the current company for more than a year. Most of them time my working time starts from 6am or maybe 7am. So I will end my shift by 3pm or 4pm. Many ppl do envy that I can ciaoz so early. But to be honest, everytime I go back home I will feel very sleepy and I need to take a nap. I wasn't a napping person but I can't help with that. At first I thought it was my problem, but when Hidayah started to work for 6am shift, she also got the same problem.

So, my point is..I am not being lazy or got no life! :p Just that when you get up early to work, although you will have more time in the afternoon, but believe me, you tend to feel sleepy. I can skip my nap for some days, but not for long. It's bad for my health. Blah blah. :p Yes, I might be simply just find some excuses to cover my lazyness.

Have no fear! I am changing my shift soon! So I've no longer need to wake up that early, or maybe not. We shall see about it.

Btw, happy 2012 to everyone! At the same time, Gong Xi Fatt Chai! I heard that people been telling that this year might not be good for those who are born in dragon year, but bleh, 2012 is gonna be a good year! :p

Oh wait, maybe not again. But hey, it could have been worse! So yes, I still think 2012 is a good year. *winks*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scumbag pimple ._.

It happens all the time! Rawr!

Worse part? Sometimes can 2 or 3 combined into one.


Wooooo and meow

Woo, how I love to look at the moon. :) 2 days ago I was on my way to the bank and I saw the moon. So nice! :D Somehow it reminded me of someone who means a lot to me. I do not know why. I guess I wish to watch it with him? Teeeheee.

Then this morning I saw the moon again! wtfbbq, as if I have never seen a moon before Took a picture of it. :) Why is it so dark? Ahh, it was around 5-6am if I am not mistaken.

When I was on my way back, I saw something in the mail box. Being a curious monster, I have decided to check it out. :p To my surprise, I saw my name and also the comic blogger's name, Mr. Goh. :D Happily took it and opened it!

Tadaaaa! Me likey!

The 4 comic bloggers that involved for this calendar design

Thank you Miao giving out your spare one. :p I will workship you with fishes. Teeehee. Just kidding. Thanks again to the team. :3 Muahahaaa. I'm a happy girl now. End of story.