Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home sweet home :D

Sad. Me want red but it turns out this :

If kat indoor, then it will not be that obvious. Y U NO RED?

That night when I reached in BM, we headed to the Tua Pek Kong there. Tapao something to eat..Was kinda hungry. As usual, I will order dried kuew tiao. What amazed me was..the scene above. I didn't know that 做大戏 got subtitle one. ._. There was one part one ppl actually said : Pei! The subtitle came out : 呸!

Accompany mum to Pacific mall today. See! I am such a good daughter. Teeeheee. Muka tebal betul I. It has been quite some time since I last went there. I didn't even realized that Starbucks is not longer there. :S But thankgod they still have MCD. I missed those old time. Muahaha. After that, we went to the beautician's place. Finally I can say goodbye to my blackhead. It has been there for at least 2 months. Too much. I was afraid to picit it out k! And I did not allowed anyone to touch it.

Beautician : Oh, it is only blackhead. No worries, I will help you to clear it.
Me : Wokey. It will not be pain right?
B : Yes, or maybe a little.
Me : ._.
B : OMG. It looks tiny, but it is sure a big one.
M : ...
B : Hold on for a moment, still haven't squeeze all out yet.
M : Okay. *imagine that the pretty girl is battle-ing with my stubborn blackhead*