Sunday, December 18, 2011

A day in KLCC

Well, weekend with plans.

First thing comes first, gotta meet my parents before going to KLCC and meet the others. Had breakfast with my lovely parents and off I go to KLCC. I was so shocked to see such a longggggggggggggggggggggggg queue. I am so serious about it. I wasn't expecting such a long queue as last year CF in Times Square was good. Hence I decided not to go in because I am such a lazy person.

Carol, momo and Kelvin also gave up to go in. How many ppl were there? You will be so surprise to see the video below:

It was a great Saturday for me too although did not managed to go in. Met with Gillian and Kin Mun. Gillian got her iphone 4S! The first thing that I talked to Siri was : I am hungry.

Gah, random thoughts on my mind now. Thinking what to do before enjoying my leaves, personal stuffs to be done and all. So many films to be developed. Clean my room, and the worst part of all, what to eat tonight. FML and the list goes on. I better start doing them now.

Hmm wanted to go as Rukia, but just ignore the specs and the hairstyle. :p It's my own version. Lalalala.