Thursday, December 22, 2011

2010 and 2011

2010 & 2011.

Wow, I guess it is pretty much time to review what have I done for this year or maybe for the past few years and also the random things that we have done. rofl.

Worked in MES (Malaysian Exhibition Services)

Woke up, brushed up, and get out from the house with Ms. Gillian to Ikano. Teehee.

My wallpaper. This is because I'm a monster. Rawr.
Loved someone that much before but never regret for that.

Love domokun *hearts* But recently not really anymore.

Enjoyed travelling around with my Fujifilm F100fd and mini diana.

Got locked up. Just kidding.
Been to MU stadium.

Of course. Went to Liverpool for a summer course.

Watched a match in Anfield stadium

Been to the Lomography shop in London

Yes, been to London.

Played with this Minolta hi-matic 9

Photoshoot my kicks. rofl.

Random picture while exploring in Liverpool

Been to Land's end

Group 1

Make me realized how much I love to see their facial expression that tells story.

Visited Guinness in Dublin

That's it for the day.

To be continued...


Weird Dan said...

Good day miChi3. Years passes by so fast and you also finished your studies in these past few years.


Since you're back blogging, I wonder if once awhile you got time to drop by guest blog again. XP

Anyway dropping by here after so long


teeheee..hey there Daniel! Yalor. Time flies.

Yeah, sure. Will go invade your blog someday. MUAHAHAHA.

Thanks for dropping by! ;)