Sunday, October 9, 2011

A lil visit to Malaysia

Back then, Raymond and Arthur were here in Malaysia, but I'm so sorry that I couldn't bring you guys around. Please blame it on my noobness. :p Same goes to Matt. We hardly spend time with you but I'm glad that you managed to enjoy yourself in the city. Kelvin keep telling me that he felt kinda sorry that we couldn't bring you around to Genting, Malacca and so on.

However, recently Vinay came to Malaysia and I've decided to at least bring him around. Finally, we went to Genting Highland. Thanks to Kelvin and Carol, the plan was a success I shall say. I've took a few shots as well.

We have been to Genting Highland and the KL City.

An overview of how Genting Highland looks like

Swee Chin Temple

The Twin Towers

So I can say that mission accomplished. :) So many things to think, so little time given. I wonder if this is what people said, people tend to make things complicated. Anyway, I hope everyone is happy!


Bán Ridire said...

It's not always what you do or what you see that makes the moment magical, but the people that are there to share it with you. There's an inexplicable comfort in doing even the most mundane of tasks with those who are important to you, like the sharing of a secret that only those special few will ever know, that this once-upon-a-time poet cannot put into suitable words. And no matter how little or much was done in my brief time with you all, for me the best part was simply being there. So fret not :)