Sunday, October 23, 2011

Very random

Loving someone but you're not expressing yourself?

I do not know if this is the worst, but for sure it sucks to live in this world but not being able to express your thoughts, your feelings..basically it is like not being able to be yourself.


What are we trying to protect?

What are we trying to hide?

Sometimes we think too much. Too many possibilities and maybe because that 1 out of 100 possibilities, we decided not to step forward anymore.

What are we afraid of?

When you are in love, you feel like you're in heaven.

When you broke up, you feel like you're in hell.

Just my random thoughts.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Have you?

Have you ever felt that something is so far away from you, but yet you feel close to it. Was it because they are in your heart?

Have you ever felt that you wanna let it go but yet you can't? Because you know deep inside your heart that you want it badly?

Have you have heard some songs and it reminded you of many things? Was it because it has all the memories for you? Sometimes you smile, laugh and even cry.

Have you ever felt that you wanna believe on something but yet life always show you something different? Some people might try to bring you down, but you just gotta stay strong and show them that you can do it.

Have you ever felt that you missed someone so badly that you can just cry any moment and your heart is aching badly? You do not feel like doing anything.

Have you ever felt that you're not doing good enough, you just wanna keep pushing yourself till a certain extend? But can you handle it good enough?

Have you ever felt that love does not exists? Or maybe it does, but it is always the hard way. But yes..true love does exists.

Have you ever felt that life can be so beautiful? We just need to stop for a while and look around. Look closely and feel it with your heart.

Have you?

A lil visit to Malaysia

Back then, Raymond and Arthur were here in Malaysia, but I'm so sorry that I couldn't bring you guys around. Please blame it on my noobness. :p Same goes to Matt. We hardly spend time with you but I'm glad that you managed to enjoy yourself in the city. Kelvin keep telling me that he felt kinda sorry that we couldn't bring you around to Genting, Malacca and so on.

However, recently Vinay came to Malaysia and I've decided to at least bring him around. Finally, we went to Genting Highland. Thanks to Kelvin and Carol, the plan was a success I shall say. I've took a few shots as well.

We have been to Genting Highland and the KL City.

An overview of how Genting Highland looks like

Swee Chin Temple

The Twin Towers

So I can say that mission accomplished. :) So many things to think, so little time given. I wonder if this is what people said, people tend to make things complicated. Anyway, I hope everyone is happy!

Just a little more faith

I believe.

I wanna believe that it will work out. I wanna believe that we can and I can.

Never say that it is impossible because sometimes all we need is faith.

Please, just a little more faith.

Do not let it go.

Once we let it go, it is hard to find it back.

If there is no shortcut, so be it.

We will walk a longer journey, but it will be a successful one.

Yes? No?