Thursday, August 11, 2011


Life is so beautiful when you know how to appreciate it.

Don't complain too much. :3

Sometimes we just need to learn how to see from our heart instead of our eyes.

This is just sooooooooo random.

Anyway, a song to share :

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gold fishes!

Hehe, special thanks to Sharmila and Hidayah. :)
My new pets. Lol. I think they should have record the moment I saw these gold fishes.
I think I got stunned for a few minutes, like seriously.
I would never expect myself taking care of these gold fishes.
I used to disturb my mom's gold fishes.
Now I have my own gold fishes. Muahahaha~

Okay, I find it hard to sleep right now.
That's because I'm feeling bloated right now.
It is gonna be a long day for Saturday. Hmm.
Tired of thinking too much. Nom nom nom.
Good night world.


This is not the first time.

Over again and again.

It is okay, I'll tolerate again and again.

You are definitely trying my patience.

We shall see how long will I be able to endure. :)

The reason I am not saying anything in front of you because I do believe the reason.

What reason? I have no idea.

If you are happy that way, so be it.

I just can't believe that you've decided to do this.

Please do not blame me for anything.

This is what you are asking for.

Think before you are going to do anything or say anything.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Addicted to miss A :3

I just can't stop listening to their music. I iz think they are awesome.

First is Bad Girl, Good Girl, then Breathe, Love Alone and now Good-bye Baby! Woot!

They are good in dancing and their songs are addictive.

Caught my attention when I watched Dream High. That was how I knew about Suzy and the group miss A.