Friday, July 29, 2011

I am a happy girl, for now.

Yes, recently I've been very happy. :)
So many things that happened to me that I find it really unbelievable.
First of all, one new item in my room!

Friends? Enemies? Nah, who would ever want to post enemies photos in their room. :)

I love them all.
Some may not love me anymore, but it is okay.
My life is so different than before.
Yeah, it is time to grow up, isn't it?
Life can be a bitch, but yet it can be so wonderful.
Anyway, my first Bon Odori.

Their 35th Bon Odori for this year!

Large crowd I shall say. o.o

I saw two cute little girls wearing kimono. ARGHH. Too cute.
For the first minute, 2-3 ppl taking photos.
After 5 minutes, more than 5 ppl surrounding the girls.
After 10 minutes, I think...10-20 ppl taking the little girls photos. Like seriously.
I wish I can show how cute the little girl is. Heheh.

That was me before going to the Bon Odori.
Pssst..someone actually asked me if I am a Malaysian when I was sitting somewhere.
For a moment she thought I'm Japanese. Rofl. :p

The day when I decided to wear something classical and join the party~

Hehe, somehow it reminded me of The Sound of Music. :3
Last week I have bought myself a book! However, Carol was telling me that I should wait.
There is this book festival coming soon. Oh well, I guess I can't wait. :(
Looking forward for the backpack trip. :D