Monday, May 16, 2011

Yeah baby.

I do not care! Although it's not really far away, but at least it is something that I wanna do. Argh, by this year, I MUST go! The reason? Just because I wanna go. My dad might be thinking that I have a bf over there or whatever reason. Rofl, but nah.

Front Map!


Hehehe, some people might be thinking why would I go there, but I just do not know how to explain. :3 Anyway, I wanted to go many places as well. I just need to work on it. Gimme some time, I'll do it for sure. Pif. This is just a random post tho.

Oh yeah, let's check my eye make up for the annual dinner. xD I wore saree. LOL. Sure is not easy for me to wear it. QQ. Btw, thanks to Sharmila for helping me to wear it. :) I wasn't wearing contact lens so..that night I couldn't really see clearly. MUAHAHAHAH.

Eye make up

Hell yeah, that's me in saree.

I guess there won't be next time. o.o Maybe yes but not for now. Somehow I still find it troublesome to wear the makeup and etc. But seriously, if you do it once in a while, it's fun! :3 Weeeee! Hmmm, maybe when I get to date someone. Lol.



Leang aka Mc_Bone said...

so if next time i see u wears make up in an outing, i know it's a date liao la, rite???? :P

Weird Dan said...

Gila mia miChi3...

LOLOLOL.... Damn long no kacau here.. so huat ar.. wear saree

miChi3 said...

Hahaha, *ehem* see if you get to see that or not lor.

OMG. Lama tarak jumpa. :D