Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random thoughts

You gotta suffer first before you get to enjoy.

If that is the case, challenge accepted!

I was telling myself that, instead of ranting them, why not do something about it? I got sick of that tho. Quote of the day: Turn the impossible to possible.

Why do people simply just love to complain? That is because they never know how to get satisfied or these people never really been through hard time. I mean at some point, I am still glad to receive all kind of feedbacks. Seriously. Feedback is important because that is one of the main reasons to get improved.

It works almost the same way regarding about the 'suffer first then you will get to enjoy'. How? For example like, if you wanna become stay slim, you gotta work on it babe. Then you can wear all the nice clothes and boost up your confidence. If you wanna become rich, you just gotta learn how to save and when you have more money, learn how to invest. That's how it goes.

Some ppl, like me simply just do not know how to save money. They will just spend like there is no tomorrow. This is not a good thing. DO NOT ever become a slave of credit card. Unless you really know how to handle well with your money. Whenever you are going to buy something, do you really ask yourself if you REALLY NEED or WANT them? It is a different thing, ya know?

If we know where is the problem, I guess we will be able to know how to work on it. Please, if you have decided on working on it, do not give up easily. Giving up without walking till the end, it is never a good habit. I understand sometimes we just need to rant on something, I mean like, come on, we are human. We still need to rant and after ranting, stop staying there. Move on. You are allowed to rant a little, but how long do you plan to stay there? Time do not wait for you. We all are chasing up. If you just wanna be an ordinary person, so be it.

Ordinary person as in live normally, do what you feel like doing, earn enough for yourself, and basically just..a normal life style. It might be good at some point, but is that what you really want? Ask yourself. Do you ever feel like achieve something big? Do you ever feel like earning more money and manage to send your parents to somewhere for a trip by using your own money? Do you feel like buying something to pamper yourself once in a while without having to worry that you do not have enough money?

By the end of the year, when you ask yourself, what have you done for the year? Will you be satisfied with your answer? Hmmmm..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yeah baby.

I do not care! Although it's not really far away, but at least it is something that I wanna do. Argh, by this year, I MUST go! The reason? Just because I wanna go. My dad might be thinking that I have a bf over there or whatever reason. Rofl, but nah.

Front Map!


Hehehe, some people might be thinking why would I go there, but I just do not know how to explain. :3 Anyway, I wanted to go many places as well. I just need to work on it. Gimme some time, I'll do it for sure. Pif. This is just a random post tho.

Oh yeah, let's check my eye make up for the annual dinner. xD I wore saree. LOL. Sure is not easy for me to wear it. QQ. Btw, thanks to Sharmila for helping me to wear it. :) I wasn't wearing contact lens so..that night I couldn't really see clearly. MUAHAHAHAH.

Eye make up

Hell yeah, that's me in saree.

I guess there won't be next time. o.o Maybe yes but not for now. Somehow I still find it troublesome to wear the makeup and etc. But seriously, if you do it once in a while, it's fun! :3 Weeeee! Hmmm, maybe when I get to date someone. Lol.