Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Offline Blogshop!

Wow. Imagine that I'm actually eating maggie mee, listening to MLTR's song, and blogging this post. It's Sunday after all. As usual, Sunday morning I'll go for dance class. After my dance class, I've decided to go Times Square! Well, I suck at recognizing the roads, so, all I can do is go to KTM Serdang -> KL Sentral -> *change to monorail* -> Imbi. Hehehe. Another reason is because I lazy to drive to KL city!

Waiting for KTM is kinda pain in my ass because I have waited for more than 30 minutes! Good thing is I have my mp4 with me. :) At least I can listen to music while waiting. However, after I've reached Times Square, first objective: Find 1st Avenue. Second objective: Find Offline Blogshop.

First objective: done! @1st floor, which is somewhere opposite the Nikon shop. Not really opposite but somewhere there.

Hola! Second objective: Done as well!

Gosh, I feel like I am a genius. :p Haha! When you have found 1st Avenue, keep to the left lane, just keep walking and you can start to look on your left. It is a bit tricky, but trust me, it's worth it! :D Let see what they have in the shop.

Shoes? Checked.

Necklaces? Accessories? Checked.

More cute stuffs!

Clothes? Bags? Checked!

Dresses? Belt? Earrings? Checked!

They have kinda big place over there. :) Basically you can just find unique stuffs over there. I'm very happy to see this shop as I used to wait for the Bazaar, Pipit or online shopping for these stuffs. But now, I can just find them either in Sunway Pyramid or Times Square.

Some decorations around the shop. More stocks coming soon! Yeah, I shall go there again end of the month! :p So that I might can shop a little. Lalalalaala~

Nice! :)

Well, I actually bought something for myself. Argh, I just can't resist something that is related to camera. Piff. Oh well. The price is less than RM20, so I guess it's alright. :p I love their concept. At least they are bringing all the creative people under one roof. :) You can always search for more information if you are interested to buy or to sell your stuffs in the shop. Offline Blogshop.

Weee! A red camera! *loves*

For more photos, you can click on my FB photo album. And no, they do not pay me for this post. Lol. Just some random sharing. :p