Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Saturday

Well, usually I do not have to blog about my Saturday because I always have my lazy weekends. :p If you are going to ask me what do I usually do on weekends, the answer will be : eat, sleep, play games and nothing much.

This morning I went to Shah Alam area with Peik See, Henry (her bf, hopefully I did not spelled it wrongly), Vijaya, Malar and Kugan. They wanted to go get Punjabi and yeah, Peik See managed to get one for herself. As for me? Nope. Not at this time, I guess. I did not found any that I like too. But thanks to Malar for bringing us there. Because the shop was having some closing sales.

After that, went to Karaoke with the couple (Peik See and Henry). If I am not mistaken, it should be from 1pm till 7pm. o.o This couple really can sing well, I was kinda amazed that Peik See sings well! :p Well, I just didn't realized that she likes to sing and she can sing well. Thanks for bringing me around. There goes my Saturday. :) At least I do not really have to think what to do, since I planned to stop playing online games for now. The only thing I feel bad is leaving Carol alone over there. Now she has to held event by herself. Sorry if I'm being selfish, but I think I need to stop doing something that I don't want to.

I need to finish 2 books that I've bought from my hometown. I do not love to read, but these, I just love them!

The journey must go on! (Part 1) & Tough journey, but I made it! (Part 2)

I love how she shared her experiences and the photos.

Oh ya, one thing that I will not miss on weekends: Clean my room. :p Yeah, funny but yeah, even if I come back late, I will still clean my room just to make sure that I will feel comfortable in my room. :D Er, but not at my hometown. Lalalalala~ There you go, this is my room! Weeee~

My room

Last but not least, I need to introduce this! Hee Win Nie bought this for me and I still use it k! XD There's story behind it but oh well, lazy to tell everything here. However, thanks Winnie! :) See! At least I hug it to sleep almost every night. As for Gillian, I always wear the necklace and whenever I look at the mirror, it reminds me of you. ;) Automatically I will think of Michelle too. Hahaha. XD Both of you are twins!

Bao Bao! :p