Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, I'm officially graduated. A few days back was my convocation at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. My parents and siblings were there for me. Thank you. *muacks* And of course special thanks to Eddie, my sis's bf who came all the way as well.

Ah Chek and aunty! :) Thanks for the accommodation and the flowers. ;) What can I ask for more? Basically I have all I want and I need, except for bf I will appreciate all of them! :p Love you all! Friends! Last but not least, Shirmane, Liz, Xuanti and Liang, thanks for coming and I hope that we will keep in touch. I wish you all the best and good luck in everything. ;)

I hate it when I'm at the stage - to think about future. What will I do or what will I be..? This year, colleagues are planning to go Perhentian. Yes, I feel like going, but at the same time I wanna go to Sabah/Sarawak - backpack. Waiting for my dear Winnie to come back. Gosh, now I sound so les, but no, I'm not. I wish I am tho. :x

People have been asking: how are you? what are you doing right now? Where do you work? How is it? etc..etc..good to see my friends again, but I'm not sure when will we ever meet again? Hmm. Now I know, I miss my life as a student. If my dad asks me again, will you take up master? I might answer him 'Yes'. Oh well, it's not gonna happen and I wouldn't want them to fork out a large sum of money. After all, now every month I'll have to pay for the money I've spent for getting a degree. I believe I'm not the only one. Haha.

I miss the old days...:)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello 2011!

Yes, it has been quite some time since I last posted something over here.

I guess that was because I've started a new life in 2011. Where I'm no longer in a relationship, which makes me realized that I got something to catch up. At this very moment, I feel like there are so many things that I wanna do and learn.

Last year before I went to Liverpool, the thoughts that I was having is totally different from what I have now. I always thought that he was my last one and only one. It's not true after all. Therefore, it has come a conclusion that life is unpredictable. Go do something that you want before you are gonna regret of not doing it. :) To be quite honest, I thought that I can let it go easily, just like how a person letting go a glass that filled with hot water. No, that's not true. Don't be silly enough to think that way. This is because when you're really facing it, you might be just out of your mind.

Anyway, I'm glad that everyhing is cool and alright now. I'm working and I'm quite happy with what I'm doing now except that I might have better plan for my future. So, let see how it goes then. A lot of things popped out on my mind now:

- Genie is now in heaven. She was put to rest due to sickness and she's really old. By the way, she was my ex's dog, part of their family. R.I.P. Genie. I love you and I know you must be glad to be part of their family. ;) (She always accompany me when I'm alone in their house!)

Kiss me Genie! *kisses*

Pretty Genie. :)

- Secondly, yes, I'm missing my friends. Sorry that I always ended up didn't hang out with you guys. I'll promise to at least meet you guys someday. After what have happened today, I will even appreciate what I have right now. And yes this is for Gillian, Erik Moh and the gang.

- HEE WIN NIE. I'm missing you like crazy! So when are you coming back?!?! Please bring back a guy for me? If possible, you can bring as many as you want, you know? :D Any plan after you're back? Come, let's do something! XD We should plan a trip together. :) I wanna go to Sabah/Sarawak for backpack. If you wanna go somewhere further, let me earn more money first! :p


- Today I almost had an accident. I was kinda like speeding on the right lane and there was this big truck on the left lane trying to make a U-turn on the right. Seriously I've no idea about that and the truck just turn even I was like quite fast on the road? That was because I was trying to get back home ASAP as I keep thinking that my parents and siblings are coming over and I'm excited about it. And yes, I kinda lost control of the car and luckily I managed to slipped through a space on the left side and all I can see from the back view was smoke. o.o Thank God I'm still alive. I'll be more careful. I love you guys!

Tomorrow is my convocation. :) That's all for today! Imma update more soon! And I'm updating this blog just for the sake of letting Ms. Hee to know what's happening to me lately. :p