Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Curry Mee in BM (part I)

Curry mee fever strikes!

First of all, I need to search for this stall behind my taman. I don't think so that many people know about this since the place is kinda..rural area.

From the lorong behind to this road. If there are another car on the opposite side, might need to squeeze a bit. This is when we know how is your driving skill.

Tadaaa! This is the curry mee stall. :) Next to it will be soon-to-be BM Residence Condominium. I haven't try the curry mee for quite some time. A few years I think. Nice to have them again. I still think that their curry mee is one of the 'must try curry mee' in BM.

The view from the curry mee stall

There are 2 ways to come here. Too bad I am bad at describing road but if any of my friends wanna come here just drop me a comment, I might just bring you here. :D OR you can just refer to this map. You can choose to tapao or have it there.

There will be 2 tables where you can enjoy your curry me in their house. You can also choose to have it outside. Classic. After that, I went to Taman Bukit to try their curry mee too. ._. Do not ask me why, it is the urge. When I wanna do something, I just gotta do it.

The curry mee stall in Taman Bukit

The curry mee from the first stall.
Price : RM2.50
Sambal : Taste better
Portion : Lesser
Others : Got prawn wor

curry mee from Tmn Bkt
Price : RM2.50
Sambal : Taste nice but too oily for me
Portion : More
Others : They give more pig blood. Hahaha.

Blehh. I think later I might go try the one from Yong Xu Xia. Long time didn't try the ais kacang there. :) Weeeeeeeeeeee.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home sweet home :D

Sad. Me want red but it turns out this :

If kat indoor, then it will not be that obvious. Y U NO RED?

That night when I reached in BM, we headed to the Tua Pek Kong there. Tapao something to eat..Was kinda hungry. As usual, I will order dried kuew tiao. What amazed me was..the scene above. I didn't know that 做大戏 got subtitle one. ._. There was one part one ppl actually said : Pei! The subtitle came out : 呸!

Accompany mum to Pacific mall today. See! I am such a good daughter. Teeeheee. Muka tebal betul I. It has been quite some time since I last went there. I didn't even realized that Starbucks is not longer there. :S But thankgod they still have MCD. I missed those old time. Muahaha. After that, we went to the beautician's place. Finally I can say goodbye to my blackhead. It has been there for at least 2 months. Too much. I was afraid to picit it out k! And I did not allowed anyone to touch it.

Beautician : Oh, it is only blackhead. No worries, I will help you to clear it.
Me : Wokey. It will not be pain right?
B : Yes, or maybe a little.
Me : ._.
B : OMG. It looks tiny, but it is sure a big one.
M : ...
B : Hold on for a moment, still haven't squeeze all out yet.
M : Okay. *imagine that the pretty girl is battle-ing with my stubborn blackhead*


Part III

I guess this should be the last part of it.

Drink like a boss *wtfbbq, just ignore my fat*

Taken at Mount Titlis

Did something crazy by taking off the hoodie.

Been to Rome.

First time playing with the snow. :)

Jump attempt failed. ._.

Trying to hide from..I can't remember.

One of the reasons why I want to have long hair.

Me likey.

I think this is the nicest sleeping picture they have taken. Others saja. ._.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Part II

Arthur's day 2011

Weeeee! Taste not that bad okay!

My birthday jelly cake! :p

Working in HSBC now

Haircut by 小曼老师

First time wearing Saree

Graduated from Liverpool John Moores University

As a cat. Meow?

Me in blue. Mua favourite.

Another hair seminar from Andy Chan

Visited the so-called 'Strawberry field' from The Beatles's song. No strawberry one, kena tipu.

Rainbow! rainbow! I was chasing that rainbow. teeeheee.

Photo credits : Erik Moh

Special thanks to Mr. Erik Moh.

Because of you, at least I get to see myself in some photos. :D

Been taking photos around - other people & places

Unless I camwhore myself.. ._.

Nom nom nom nom...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2010 and 2011

2010 & 2011.

Wow, I guess it is pretty much time to review what have I done for this year or maybe for the past few years and also the random things that we have done. rofl.

Worked in MES (Malaysian Exhibition Services)

Woke up, brushed up, and get out from the house with Ms. Gillian to Ikano. Teehee.

My wallpaper. This is because I'm a monster. Rawr.
Loved someone that much before but never regret for that.

Love domokun *hearts* But recently not really anymore.

Enjoyed travelling around with my Fujifilm F100fd and mini diana.

Got locked up. Just kidding.
Been to MU stadium.

Of course. Went to Liverpool for a summer course.

Watched a match in Anfield stadium

Been to the Lomography shop in London

Yes, been to London.

Played with this Minolta hi-matic 9

Photoshoot my kicks. rofl.

Random picture while exploring in Liverpool

Been to Land's end

Group 1

Make me realized how much I love to see their facial expression that tells story.

Visited Guinness in Dublin

That's it for the day.

To be continued...