Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pipit Zakka Store @ SS2

It was awesome! :) Although I've missed the Pipit a while ago, but I'm glad to be able to support on their new store opening. Hehehe. I've bought a necklace over there! It's from AKOE.AI. She's talented and I love her creations. Do drop by and have a look! Well, since Christmas is coming soon, you might be able to get something for your friends or girlfriends some pressie! Ivy jie, if you're reading this, go check and let me know if you like any of them? Because I might get it for you! :3

The photo above is at ground floor with all the lomo cameras! :)

The beginning of 1st floor..

I guess this is very familiar huh.

Oh, talk about Christmas, I guess I might not be going back to Penang. First of all, JAM JAM JAM! I dont really like crowded places and if I'm going to take public transport back, I guess I might just stay here. -.- Anyway, I might as well just celebrate Christmas alone if Momoko (my housemate) is going back to her hometown. As for Carol and Kelvin, they are a couple, so I do not want to be a spotlight.

I'm starting to decorating my working table with Christmas feel! BUAHAHA~


--Ping-- said...

haha..may may, we can go over seri kembangan to visit you, my dear...there are lots of nice eateries over there..=)

Emily Yee said...

Very cute dolls

宋凯蒂的世界 said...

Yes.. Li May! I come here to spam.. haha!

- Kathy -