Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's the twins' birthday!

Oh shit. Today is a big day! And I'll be honest to admit that I nearly forget what day is it today. It's Michelle's and Gillian's birthday!

SHOOT! I'm so so so so sorry. :( Michelle, I've called you but too bad we can't celebrate it together. But no worries, we shall celebrate it on December? :p Let's see if all
of us are going back to Penang o not. Who knows, maybe Clement and others will be able o join as well! Hope that you won't kill me. I feel so bad, even Winnie wished you earlier than me. @.@

One day trip in Penang with Michelle and Winnie. :)

Gillian, please don't kill me. :( You know that I will always love you right? right? right? :p Anyway, I know that DJ's gonna celebrate it with you. So, can I postpone your birthday celebration? :D Ish, how can I even forget about your birthday! If you're gonna be mad at me, okay okay, only for a while k? :p Anyway, thank you for everything. You'll always be there for me when I need someone. Even if I don't need someone, you will be there too! :D

Took it with Gil in York

Happy Burfday! :p I love both of you! Muacks! Nice knowing both of you and I'll never forget how we met each other and we shall hold hands till the end k? Hahahhaha. Sometimes I don't have to tell both of you how much I love you guys, because in your heart, you know how I feel! Lalalala~ Teehee.

Have a blast one! Gil, can we meet next week? XD


Michelle said...

wuwwuuwwwww i don't love you May, you make me cry going thru this post ! TT____TT but yes we all know we love each other and we will forever love each other. i miss you so much, and i feel like taking flight to meet up with you now, i know it's crazy but we're crazy !! xD