Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's the twins' birthday!

Oh shit. Today is a big day! And I'll be honest to admit that I nearly forget what day is it today. It's Michelle's and Gillian's birthday!

SHOOT! I'm so so so so sorry. :( Michelle, I've called you but too bad we can't celebrate it together. But no worries, we shall celebrate it on December? :p Let's see if all
of us are going back to Penang o not. Who knows, maybe Clement and others will be able o join as well! Hope that you won't kill me. I feel so bad, even Winnie wished you earlier than me. @.@

One day trip in Penang with Michelle and Winnie. :)

Gillian, please don't kill me. :( You know that I will always love you right? right? right? :p Anyway, I know that DJ's gonna celebrate it with you. So, can I postpone your birthday celebration? :D Ish, how can I even forget about your birthday! If you're gonna be mad at me, okay okay, only for a while k? :p Anyway, thank you for everything. You'll always be there for me when I need someone. Even if I don't need someone, you will be there too! :D

Took it with Gil in York

Happy Burfday! :p I love both of you! Muacks! Nice knowing both of you and I'll never forget how we met each other and we shall hold hands till the end k? Hahahhaha. Sometimes I don't have to tell both of you how much I love you guys, because in your heart, you know how I feel! Lalalala~ Teehee.

Have a blast one! Gil, can we meet next week? XD

Confession of Smiley

Hey there, if there's anyone reading this now, can you please help me to vote for my friend? :) His production of short video is Confession of Smiley. However, if you think there are other videos that are better than his, I wouldn't stop you from voting for them.

To vote, go to BMW Shorties 2010. You will have to sign up in order to vote! I'm not sure about others, but for me, I need to wait for a while to load the page.

Thank you! :) Of course, please feel free to watch the videos! Tomorrow is the night!

All of the BMW Shorties 2010 Award winners will then be revealed at the BMW Shorties 2010 Gala Premier on November 25 in a night of glitz and glamour held at MAP KL, Solaris Dutamas.

Let's hope that my friend Erik Moh, will be able to win the contest! :) All the best to him. Kudos to the team as well! I've helped them, but only a very tiny role. Spot me if you're going to watch that short video!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


























Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sour & Spicy Fish BeeHoon Soup @ Sg. Ara

Hola! I think most of the Penang Kia might have know this place, but still I'm gonna recommend it again over here. Hehe, a few days back, it was the first day that I went to try the famous Sour & Spicy Fish BeeHoon Soup. Although I dun really feel hungry, but still I can feel the yummy-ness! Hard to describe, but do go and try it out someday. My sis's bf brought us there and before we depart, my sis's bf actually has to call them and order first. This is because sometimes customers have to wait for the food for quite some time. There's no shop name for the stall but the kopitiam's name is Mun Lock Hooi.

Saw the kopitiam's name 'Mun Lock Hooi'?

How it looks like from the outside view

Sis's bf ordered 2 extra dishes and I love them so much! Mantis prawn salad and Sambal Fried Chicken. Yum yum. *drools*

Salad Mantis Prawn

Sambal Fried Chicken

Sour & Spicy Fish BeeHoon Soup

Beware as they put chili padi, and a lot of ingredients in it. Before I start to eat, I will have to pick them up and put aside. ~.~ It doesn't look spicy, but believe me, you wouldn't want to ter-makan the chili padi if you dun really like spicy. I love the sour and spicy part which makes me go ooo-lala-lalaa~

How the stall looks like

It's located just opposite of the Pondok Polis Sg. Ara. Yup, do call them for reservation if you are that kind of person who do not like to wait too long. :)

Pondok Polis Sg. Ara

Mun Lock Hooi Kopitiam (Opposite of the Pondok Polis Sg. Ara)
Jalan Tengah, Sg. Ara,
Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +6012-4741964
Business Hours: 11.00a.m. to 3.00p.m.

You can even refer to PenangTuaPui's review or ahKOK's review on the food.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

When I was in KL...

After my interview, I went to meet up with April and Alvin. We were supposed to meet up with Tracy and Sam as well, too but Sam wasn't free on that day while Tracy's cafe, Cafe Kalamazoo hasn't opened yet. If I'm not mistaken, it's open now! :) Do drop by if you are around in PJ area. I hope to go there someday.

Before interview

Went to Kim Gary to have dinner @ Mid Valley

Alvin Wong

April Pang and I

After spending time with them, I decided to overnight at April's place as it's not really convenient to stay where I was staying back then. :) Thanks to Alvin for fetching us around. Anyway, that day was my first time to April's house. Hehe, I get to meet with ... what's his name again.. Pak ...hmm. I forgot.

Baby boy and I!

Baby boy and April

So cute!

Roast Pork from New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice

Hmm. Expensive for students like us. Lol. However, it tastes alright. It's located somewhere in Kota Damansara. Thanks to April for letting me stay at her place and fetching me around. :p Hope you'll get well soon ya gal! I still owe you cupcakes! ^^''

Restaurant Yuen Buffet

Last but not least, I enjoyed during our previous session steamboat together. With the usual buddies. :) Most of them are working now, left Gil and I who are still jobless. But no worries, I guess we will join in the working world very soon. Life is very short. I'm trying my very best to enjoy and put in all my heart to do something.

Can I find back the passion?