Monday, October 25, 2010

Steamboat session @ Home Town Steamboat

It was a Sunday night and we decided to go for a steamboat session! It has been quite some time since we go out to makan together. :) Mao is working and she's kinda busy most of the time. I really admire her for spending so much time doing things that she thought of doing it. As for Shirmane, she's working as well. Left me on the path which is still looking for job. :( It was sure a fun steamboat session in a rainy night.

When 3 siao char boh together...

Both of them decided to go Home Town Steamboat, which is located next to Kenny Roger, Genting Klang. They have been there once and as for me this is the first time for me to go there. It costs RM14.50 per person. For that price, I think it is kinda worth it. We ordered one side porridge and another side Tom Yam Soup.

Food for 3 person

Bottom got a lot of vegetables. -.-

Yum yum!

After some survey, looks like this place is actually famous of its Chocolate Fondue. Too bad we didn't order it. We should have order for 2 pax and 1 chocolate fondue. Because we tried to finish all the food and ended up eat till very full. Heard that they have cheesey fondue as well. Maybe we should try that some other day. Oh ya, they do have a lot of customers. I guess that happens for a reason. It's either they are worth it/cheap or both. Not bad I shall say. time gotta try their chocolate fondue and cheesey fondue!! If any of you are interested to see the photo, you can view from this blog. They had both fondue and the chicken wings as well.

Home Town Steamboat (好家乡火锅世家)
Address: 126-0-4, Apartment Sri Pelangi, Jalan Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No: +603-4042 8903


Jean said...

I super miss steamboat.. my bro never agree to have steamboat for dinner..
yest i beg him to go hometown steamboat with me but he dun wan.. sob...

miChi3 said...

Aiks! Why?! Having steamboat with family is soooo funnnnn! :) grr..force him or kidnap him to hometown steamboat! Hahahah! Tell him that he's not gonna regret!