Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New hairstyle!

Yup. Been spending my time in Loreal Academy @ E-gate on Sunday and Monday. Why? It's time to get a new hairstyle! :) To be honest, I'm glad that I managed to have such long hair. I dun really like long hair. I think it's very mafan and I need to spend longer time to wash my hair. However, due to my previous bf's request, I've decided to leave long hair. Since I dun have to please him anymore, I guess I should get a new hairstyle. I realized that everytime people broke up, they tend to change a new hairstyle. I guess it's the meaning of a new beginning? Let's see how do I look like on Sunday...

Previous hairstyle

Goodbye long hair! *sobs* Well, on Monday, which was yesterday, I have to wake up early to put on make up. Honestly, a night before that, I was practicing on how to put on make up. Andy Chan, which is the hairstylist, advised me to put on fake eyelashes as it will give more effects on the overall look. Let's see how I look like after the hair cutting session...

Side view

Front view

For the first time, so many ppl keep touching my hair and at the same time keep snapping photos. I feel like an animal in a zoo. :S I wasn't wearing contact lens, so I couldn't really see clearly. Maybe I should try contact lens someday, but right now I'm still being lazy. It's true, there's no ugly woman but lazy woman. I would like to say a big thank you to Andy Chan for giving me a new hairstyle. :) Love it to the max, just that it's not easy to maintain it I guess. Andy is a funny guy and sometimes he will tell some really cold jokes. ;p

Me, Andy Chan, Ying Hui and Nicky aka Kee Kee Kee

Camwhoring session

Overall, I'm satisfied with the new hairstyle! Woohoo! But it's not gonna last long! Need to get some rest by now. Who knows? Maybe I'll get some call tml morning for interview session. :)