Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here I come again KL!

Yup, I'm officially in KL again. And yeah, this time is for the same reason why am I in KL which is JOB INTERVIEW. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear brother, Kee Boon! Gotta say thank you to him because without him, my mission to UK will become mission impossible. Second of all, please wish me luck! :p Oh ya, I'll need to say congratulations to Kuan Siong, my bro's friend. He's getting married.

We had our lunch in Ipoh. :) Well, my bro used to work in Ipoh for like...2 years? Maybe. Therefore he kinda knows where to eat and how to go. He brought his gf and I to eat 'ngao lam min'. XD

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Desa Rishah


Bihun and mee

Bro's favourite

After our lunch, we continue our journey to KL. Before reaching KL, got jammed somewhere on the highway. So jammed. We couldn't figured it out what really happened. The next thing that I saw was, there was a signboard fell on the ground. Maybe some car go and bang the signboard. -.- However, I got to know that what actually happened. Driver dies in freak accident. Source:
R.I.P. What we can say is that we were lucky to be slightly late, or else we might get involved in it.


Finally we reach KL and the first destination was Mid Valley. :) Didn't really walk around cause I got nothing to buy. Bro treated us gelato! Yum yum. *ehem* *ehem* of course Italy one nicer..*ehem* *ehem* Thanks!

It was the bachelor's night and after midnight, we celebrated my bro's birthday as well. :) Happy Birthday Kee Boon! Sorry, got no pressie for you. Our family dun really practice giving present to birthday gal/boy. We usually just go out and makan together! :p I love you but sometimes I hate you too. -.-

Kee Boon and Elaine (GF)

Gonna stay till...not so sure. But it won't be for long. Gonna yam char with a few people first. Sorry ah, for those too far away, aku tarak kereta, jadi hard to go find u guys.