Friday, October 15, 2010

Food in BM & Presents hunting for Xuanti

Okay, to be exact, I'm a jobless person right now. Therefore I got more time to update my blog. :) Staying in Bukit Mertajam right now, always remind me of the food in this place. If I have friends coming to BM, I guess there will be a few places that I'll bring them to. Not only that, I think I myself want to eat them. Hehehe.
  1. BM Yam Rice
  2. Keow Teow Basah
  3. Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow (✓)
  4. Wantan Mee at Tua Pek Kong (White color)
  5. Ice Kacang (✓)
  6. Laksa
Besides food, there are a few movies that I want to watch. :S Didn't get to watch them as I hardly go out. Except when I went to KL for career fair in Midvalley, I managed to catch a movie 'Eat Pray Love'.

I went to KLCC to hunt for Mao's presents and I thought I should go watch a movie. Kinda sad to see that people are not enjoying the movie. :( A couple sat on my left side while there was this 2 Indian girls. The guy (couple) was sitting next to me and I heard him snoring. His wife/gf quickly woke him up in order not to feel so embarrass. The 2 Indian girls, they keep talking non-stop. Like wtf? I was trying to pay attention to the movie and they keep talking like nobody's business. However, I kinda love the movie. :) Check out what I've bought for Xuanti. These presents are dedicated from me and Shirmane to Xuanti!

Cute birthday card : You're one of a kind, and that's why you're so special. Happy Birthday!

For her to put it in front of her room door!

Xuanti is a girl who got almost everything, or should I say, she will try to get it by herself if she wants something. However, I'm glad that this year she got all the presents that she loves so much! :) I guess the best present from me and Shirmane is the book from 万岁少女,原来我不孤单. I love books like 多多小语. These books are wonderful and meaningful. :) However, the present that we are giving to Xuanti haven't reach Msia yet. I think we have to wait for another month. Thanks to Kinokuniya! Or else I wouldn't know where to get them. ;) Last but not least, we wrapped her small table with nicer wrapping paper. She used to wrap them with magazine pages, but she tear them away. Hope that she likes it.

Oh well, that's all for this post. Pray hard for me to get a job soon! Yeah, we need more people to plant rice!! :pp I miss my life in Liverpool. <3>