Monday, October 25, 2010

First Interview

Yup, it's my first interview after came back from Liverpool. Please ignore my hairstyle. I...lazy or should I say not really know how to style it. -.- Anyway, I dun care now. The location? Reliance Pacific Berhad. Somewhere near KLCC. Not sure if I'm gonna get it or not, but never try never know!

Me in Mao & Shirmane's room

Oh ya, another happy thing is that when I reach in KL, I ngam ngam received a msg from Kinokuniya which informed me that the book has arrived! Woohoo! It is a present from me & Shirmane to Mao. :) Lovely. I feel like having it as well. LOL. I went to get it after the interview. Hehe.


I reached at the building around 12.45p.m. Wtf. The appointment for interview was 2.30pm. Early is better than late. :) Found a place to sit down and minum tea. Write stuffs or maybe more to writing a diary until 2.00p.m. After the interview, I went back to KLCC to get the book. Then I went back to PV3.

Luckily Ping Soon was at home. So he was the one who opened the door for me. Thank you! Without changing, I went to meet someone special. Hehe, I reached at the destination quite early, so I need to wait for another 2 hours. :p Luckily I have mp4 with me. It was nice to observe people. At least I dun feel bored. Err..ended up I started to snap some photos.

Her first appearance on my blog!

Some Halloween Fashion stage

But nothing much to see at that time, during weekend only more happening 1. Had my dinner over there and finally meeting up with Erik at the same place to get the GPS, but it seems like only Garmin can download Malaysia map. :/ Binatone cannot wor. Last but not least, anyone wanna let me stay at their place for a few days in KL? Lol.


Angeline said...

hope everything will turn out great for u! hope u'll get the job! =)

miChi3 said...

Hey there! Thank you so much! :)