Monday, October 25, 2010

First Interview

Yup, it's my first interview after came back from Liverpool. Please ignore my hairstyle. I...lazy or should I say not really know how to style it. -.- Anyway, I dun care now. The location? Reliance Pacific Berhad. Somewhere near KLCC. Not sure if I'm gonna get it or not, but never try never know!

Me in Mao & Shirmane's room

Oh ya, another happy thing is that when I reach in KL, I ngam ngam received a msg from Kinokuniya which informed me that the book has arrived! Woohoo! It is a present from me & Shirmane to Mao. :) Lovely. I feel like having it as well. LOL. I went to get it after the interview. Hehe.


I reached at the building around 12.45p.m. Wtf. The appointment for interview was 2.30pm. Early is better than late. :) Found a place to sit down and minum tea. Write stuffs or maybe more to writing a diary until 2.00p.m. After the interview, I went back to KLCC to get the book. Then I went back to PV3.

Luckily Ping Soon was at home. So he was the one who opened the door for me. Thank you! Without changing, I went to meet someone special. Hehe, I reached at the destination quite early, so I need to wait for another 2 hours. :p Luckily I have mp4 with me. It was nice to observe people. At least I dun feel bored. Err..ended up I started to snap some photos.

Her first appearance on my blog!

Some Halloween Fashion stage

But nothing much to see at that time, during weekend only more happening 1. Had my dinner over there and finally meeting up with Erik at the same place to get the GPS, but it seems like only Garmin can download Malaysia map. :/ Binatone cannot wor. Last but not least, anyone wanna let me stay at their place for a few days in KL? Lol.

Steamboat session @ Home Town Steamboat

It was a Sunday night and we decided to go for a steamboat session! It has been quite some time since we go out to makan together. :) Mao is working and she's kinda busy most of the time. I really admire her for spending so much time doing things that she thought of doing it. As for Shirmane, she's working as well. Left me on the path which is still looking for job. :( It was sure a fun steamboat session in a rainy night.

When 3 siao char boh together...

Both of them decided to go Home Town Steamboat, which is located next to Kenny Roger, Genting Klang. They have been there once and as for me this is the first time for me to go there. It costs RM14.50 per person. For that price, I think it is kinda worth it. We ordered one side porridge and another side Tom Yam Soup.

Food for 3 person

Bottom got a lot of vegetables. -.-

Yum yum!

After some survey, looks like this place is actually famous of its Chocolate Fondue. Too bad we didn't order it. We should have order for 2 pax and 1 chocolate fondue. Because we tried to finish all the food and ended up eat till very full. Heard that they have cheesey fondue as well. Maybe we should try that some other day. Oh ya, they do have a lot of customers. I guess that happens for a reason. It's either they are worth it/cheap or both. Not bad I shall say. time gotta try their chocolate fondue and cheesey fondue!! If any of you are interested to see the photo, you can view from this blog. They had both fondue and the chicken wings as well.

Home Town Steamboat (好家乡火锅世家)
Address: 126-0-4, Apartment Sri Pelangi, Jalan Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact No: +603-4042 8903

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here I come again KL!

Yup, I'm officially in KL again. And yeah, this time is for the same reason why am I in KL which is JOB INTERVIEW. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear brother, Kee Boon! Gotta say thank you to him because without him, my mission to UK will become mission impossible. Second of all, please wish me luck! :p Oh ya, I'll need to say congratulations to Kuan Siong, my bro's friend. He's getting married.

We had our lunch in Ipoh. :) Well, my bro used to work in Ipoh for like...2 years? Maybe. Therefore he kinda knows where to eat and how to go. He brought his gf and I to eat 'ngao lam min'. XD

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Desa Rishah


Bihun and mee

Bro's favourite

After our lunch, we continue our journey to KL. Before reaching KL, got jammed somewhere on the highway. So jammed. We couldn't figured it out what really happened. The next thing that I saw was, there was a signboard fell on the ground. Maybe some car go and bang the signboard. -.- However, I got to know that what actually happened. Driver dies in freak accident. Source:
R.I.P. What we can say is that we were lucky to be slightly late, or else we might get involved in it.


Finally we reach KL and the first destination was Mid Valley. :) Didn't really walk around cause I got nothing to buy. Bro treated us gelato! Yum yum. *ehem* *ehem* of course Italy one nicer..*ehem* *ehem* Thanks!

It was the bachelor's night and after midnight, we celebrated my bro's birthday as well. :) Happy Birthday Kee Boon! Sorry, got no pressie for you. Our family dun really practice giving present to birthday gal/boy. We usually just go out and makan together! :p I love you but sometimes I hate you too. -.-

Kee Boon and Elaine (GF)

Gonna stay till...not so sure. But it won't be for long. Gonna yam char with a few people first. Sorry ah, for those too far away, aku tarak kereta, jadi hard to go find u guys.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ever since I've been to Liverpool, I seldom go to cinema and watch movies. Of course it will be slightly expensive to watch movie in Liverpool, but I get to watch 2 movies over there. It was a cool experience. I get to watch Inception and Step Up 3D. Good thing is that they provide free seats. Free come first serve.

Now that I've come back to Malaysia, there's a list of movies I feel like watching. Too bad I can't watch them all in cinema. It's not like I'm rich anyway.
  1. The Child's Eyes
  2. Reign of Assassins
  3. Buried (Thiller)
  4. The Switch
  5. Blood Ties (Thiller)
  6. Charlie St Cloud
  7. The Hole
  8. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
  9. Devil
  10. Vampires Suck
  11. Aftershock
Maybe I need to stop this hobby sooner or later once I have a job, unless my job has something to do with movies. :D Although I love to watch movies, but sad to say that I do not really know much about the production team. Most of the time people look and praise the actors and actresses, but I think people behind the scenes really put in a lot of effort. Talk about production team, I would like to say kudos to Erik and his friends. :) They have participated the BMW Shorties 2010. Results haven't released but I do think that they can do it! Wish them all the best and good luck!

For some reasons, I do not know why but I kinda love to work behind the scenes. :) It will be a lot of hard works but in the end, you will be happy to see the results. That would be one of the reasons why I love my internship life in 8TV. ;)

- And something random over here, I went to KL and I realized something special about the taxi. They even have this for advertisement purposes:

No, this is not in a bus or plane.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New hairstyle!

Yup. Been spending my time in Loreal Academy @ E-gate on Sunday and Monday. Why? It's time to get a new hairstyle! :) To be honest, I'm glad that I managed to have such long hair. I dun really like long hair. I think it's very mafan and I need to spend longer time to wash my hair. However, due to my previous bf's request, I've decided to leave long hair. Since I dun have to please him anymore, I guess I should get a new hairstyle. I realized that everytime people broke up, they tend to change a new hairstyle. I guess it's the meaning of a new beginning? Let's see how do I look like on Sunday...

Previous hairstyle

Goodbye long hair! *sobs* Well, on Monday, which was yesterday, I have to wake up early to put on make up. Honestly, a night before that, I was practicing on how to put on make up. Andy Chan, which is the hairstylist, advised me to put on fake eyelashes as it will give more effects on the overall look. Let's see how I look like after the hair cutting session...

Side view

Front view

For the first time, so many ppl keep touching my hair and at the same time keep snapping photos. I feel like an animal in a zoo. :S I wasn't wearing contact lens, so I couldn't really see clearly. Maybe I should try contact lens someday, but right now I'm still being lazy. It's true, there's no ugly woman but lazy woman. I would like to say a big thank you to Andy Chan for giving me a new hairstyle. :) Love it to the max, just that it's not easy to maintain it I guess. Andy is a funny guy and sometimes he will tell some really cold jokes. ;p

Me, Andy Chan, Ying Hui and Nicky aka Kee Kee Kee

Camwhoring session

Overall, I'm satisfied with the new hairstyle! Woohoo! But it's not gonna last long! Need to get some rest by now. Who knows? Maybe I'll get some call tml morning for interview session. :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


救命啦!怎么每次都是在下巴长出豆豆。。T.T 这次还真的是长出蛮大粒的豆豆。拜托,请在星期日前不见掉好吗?最好是连身上的疤痕都一一变走。


** 额头痘 :


**发髻痘: 情况:因为卸装没卸干净,造成毛孔堵塞和污染,容易在较闷的发髻或眉间形成细小痘痘。

改善:不要尝试太过激烈的 ,要避免烟酒等刺激性的食品。


**眼头痘: 情况:靠近鼻子和眼头区域的痘痘,通常肝机能不好所引起。









Food in BM & Presents hunting for Xuanti

Okay, to be exact, I'm a jobless person right now. Therefore I got more time to update my blog. :) Staying in Bukit Mertajam right now, always remind me of the food in this place. If I have friends coming to BM, I guess there will be a few places that I'll bring them to. Not only that, I think I myself want to eat them. Hehehe.
  1. BM Yam Rice
  2. Keow Teow Basah
  3. Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow (✓)
  4. Wantan Mee at Tua Pek Kong (White color)
  5. Ice Kacang (✓)
  6. Laksa
Besides food, there are a few movies that I want to watch. :S Didn't get to watch them as I hardly go out. Except when I went to KL for career fair in Midvalley, I managed to catch a movie 'Eat Pray Love'.

I went to KLCC to hunt for Mao's presents and I thought I should go watch a movie. Kinda sad to see that people are not enjoying the movie. :( A couple sat on my left side while there was this 2 Indian girls. The guy (couple) was sitting next to me and I heard him snoring. His wife/gf quickly woke him up in order not to feel so embarrass. The 2 Indian girls, they keep talking non-stop. Like wtf? I was trying to pay attention to the movie and they keep talking like nobody's business. However, I kinda love the movie. :) Check out what I've bought for Xuanti. These presents are dedicated from me and Shirmane to Xuanti!

Cute birthday card : You're one of a kind, and that's why you're so special. Happy Birthday!

For her to put it in front of her room door!

Xuanti is a girl who got almost everything, or should I say, she will try to get it by herself if she wants something. However, I'm glad that this year she got all the presents that she loves so much! :) I guess the best present from me and Shirmane is the book from 万岁少女,原来我不孤单. I love books like 多多小语. These books are wonderful and meaningful. :) However, the present that we are giving to Xuanti haven't reach Msia yet. I think we have to wait for another month. Thanks to Kinokuniya! Or else I wouldn't know where to get them. ;) Last but not least, we wrapped her small table with nicer wrapping paper. She used to wrap them with magazine pages, but she tear them away. Hope that she likes it.

Oh well, that's all for this post. Pray hard for me to get a job soon! Yeah, we need more people to plant rice!! :pp I miss my life in Liverpool. <3>

Hola New Layout!

Wokey! So I've deleted my previous blog by the time I've reached 400th post. Well, it's time to keep them away as I believe a new beginning is just ahead of me. First of all, I wanna say thank you to Fido and Merlvyn for designing a header for me before.

Designed by Fido

The one that Merlvyn designed was the one before this. :) I couldn't really find the softcopy in my laptop. I think I started to blog in 2006. Hahaha, if I'm not mistaken,
I was in college studying diploma. Vingie was the one who started the blog fever and then the rest of us started to blog as well. :) I never thought that I'll still blog until now, even though I stopped blogging for a few months. When all assignments, fun and sux connection come together, we tend to lazy have some difficulties of updating our own blog.

I got so much to blog but yet sometimes I find it hard to express it over here. However, I will blog it in Chinese if I'm trying to express feelings and thoughts. It's time to say goodbye to my old blog and my student life. Hello to new blog! I wonder if I still get to update my blog when I got a job. Penang? KL? Singapore? I'm not sure, all I know is I gotta get some experiences before I want to have a job that I love.

Please drop me your blog link if we know each other or you're interested to exchange link ya. :) I'll try to get back those links on the sidebar.